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Leadership Exploration and Development (LEAD)

A coaching and mentoring programme for new or inexperienced line managers who want to deliver results through other people.

If you’ve just become a supervisor, team leader or people manager, or have people within your organisation who have been promoted to one of these roles, you will know that any previous role will not have prepared you for management work. You have to quickly learn new skills, the most important being performance management.

Our six month coaching led programme takes groups of managers, looks at them individually, and helps them create meaningful change for themselves, their teams and the organisation.  The programme combines group and individual coaching sessions with self-development projects and real time, on-the-job coaching to support positive change in behaviour and to help embed the learning.

The programme starts by asking each manager to focus on where they currently see themselves within several different management areas. An initial group session will help individuals to identify learning and leadership styles. This session includes a goal setting session before the coaching begins.

Over the following weeks each individual will be part of both individual and group coaching sessions, the aim being to challenge and keep them continuously learning and improving. The coaching deals with specific topics as well as with live issues yet always keeping an eye of the central goals.

Examples of topics that may be covered are:

  • Self-awareness
  • Interpersonal relationships, listening skills, empathy and emotional intelligence
  • Influence
  • Leading during times of change
  • Communication skills
  • Motivation and engagement, leading with vision and purpose
  • Building effective teams
  • Coaching and mentoring, developing internal talent, succession
  • Tools to manage people and performance including one-to-one meetings, team meetings and performance appraisal
  • Staff recruitment
  • Time management, including delegation

Each coaching session ends with individuals summarising what they have learnt before setting out the actions they will commit to going forward. This may include self-learning or planning an activity to help apply the learning within the workplace.

At the end of the coaching period, the group reconvenes and reflects on the journey and talks about how they will continue this beyond the programme.

The cost of the programme is just £900* per person (£150 per month) and includes:

  • A 2-hour group set-up session
  • Weekly one-to-one individual and group face-to-face coaching sessions (maximum of 4 1-hour sessions per person, per month)
  • Regular on-the-job ‘real-time’ coaching – an essential part of the learning process
  • A 2-hour group reflection session
  • Monthly key stakeholder meeting to discuss feedback and progress
  • On-going telephone and email support

The programme is also available to individuals and business owners – please get in touch to discuss your needs and pricing.

*Excludes materials, mileage and other expenses.

Terms and conditions apply.

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