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Improving Performance More Rapidly

Our unique approach is based on the 70:20:10 Learning Model which proves that 10% of learning takes places in formal ‘classroom’ settings, 20% of learning is social, while 70% of learning comes from experience.
“Coaching and mentoring are the most important techniques when it comes to improving performance and embedding the right behaviours in your business”
– Andrew Denny
  • We will work with you on-site and observe how you and your team communicate with customers
  • We will help to motivate your team by increasing their confidence and suggesting workable solutions
  • We will give constructive, developmental feedback to improve confidence and support you in identifying areas where further training or coaching may be useful
“Observation, motivation and feedback are the anchor points for firm foundations when it comes to successfully coaching sales professionals.”
– Andrew Denny
On-the-job coaching will encourage team members to answer the following questions and address any areas for improvement whilst fresh in the mind and in real time:

  • Do I fully understand the company’s portfolio of products and services and how they really benefit the customer?
  • Do I fully understand how our product/service compares to the offerings of our competitors?
  • Am I the kind of person that our customers really want to pick up the phone to?
  • Am I a ‘talking brochure’ or do I really talk benefits and value to our customers?
  • Am I 100% productive in terms of calls and leads?
  • Do I ask ‘bus stop’ questions (the ones I might ask someone at the bus stop who I don’t know and won’t see again) or high quality questions?
  • Do I give up at the first “No”?

We provide a range of coaching options including on-job and off-job, individual and group sessions. For a more detailed overview, download our Sales Coaching PDF below or for an initial discussion with Andrew or to arrange a meeting, call 07798 616237 or email

“Andrew worked with a member of our team responsible for sales. Through some training and coaching interventions he was able to help her to change her sales techniques and behaviours to become much more effective in closing sales. She had always been effective at getting time with potential clients, even cold calling. Andrew helped in the final stage of process to actually ask for and come away with an order more frequently. I would be very happy to work with Andrew in the future.”

Nick Schiller, Director The Excelsior Trust
Nick Schiller, Director

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