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What if selling was the part of the job that everyone loved most? What if you could sell in such a way that nobody felt they were ‘selling’ or being ‘sold to’?

And imagine your line managers leading in a way that delivers results and creates meaningful change through other people.

Real improvement in performance comes from real world training. Andrew will use his many years’ experience, sales and leadership training accreditations to understand your business and your targets, coach your people, measure performance and challenge your perceptions of what ‘sales’ or ‘leadership’ really means.

Andrew’s approach is holistic, unique and tailored to your business – and the results speak for themselves.

You can read more about how Andrew helps businesses like yours here. Alternatively, contact him for an initial informal chat on 07798 616237 or email him at

“By creating the best possible employee experience through effective leadership, you can maximise the performance of your team and achieve your business goals.”
– Andrew Denny

From classroom-based learning to working directly with your team, clients and customers …

The first thing we will do is ensure that we fully understand where you are and where you want to be. Then we’ll look at your sales-challenges and devise intelligent solutions that work for you.

Sales Training

From sole traders to sales teams, we provide a range of training designed to prepare you to stand-out in your markets

Sales Coaching

We can be there to improve confidence, motivate and feedback at every step. This is the turning point for organisations where learned techniques become embedded behaviours.

Sales Management

We can help you to bring out the best in your people, using the latest tools and techniques to motivate, measure and manage.


Andrew has transformed organisations by taking a strategic approach, analysing current operations, implementing KPIs and management tools to overcome sales challenges.

“To succeed in selling you must be customer obsessed. Get under their skin and understand their needs, pains, challenges. Only then can you relate the benefits of your product or service to them so that they can see the real value.”
– Andrew Denny

Our Learning Model

The 70:20:10 Learning Model was created in the 1980s by three researchers and authors, Morgan McCall, Michael M Lombardo and Robert A Eichinger. They proved that only 10% of learning comes from structured courses and programmes, 20% of learning comes from ‘social learning’ such as mentoring and 70% of learning is the result of experience. We will tailor this model to your business and your people. Find out more about our approach

  • On The Job Experiential 70% 70%
  • Coaching, Social Learning, Mentoring 20% 20%
  • Learning Comes From Formal Learning Classroom Learning 10% 10%

“I asked Andrew to join the team and explore customer journeys and touch points. Conscious that social enterprise is a bit different to other businesses, Andrew showed a real passion for understanding what we do and getting under the skin of it. He has been a champion of Your Own Place for a while. On meeting the team he kept the activities simple, visual and effective. This is very much the way we like to work and it got everyone thinking. It gave us food for thought and actions to take forward.”

Rebecca White, CEO Your Own Place CIC
Rebecca White, CEO

“Andrew Denny Consulting has provided Fast Fencing of North Norfolk with sales guidance and customer service training on and off over the last 12 months. As a result we have seen an increase in enquiries that have lead to additional work.”

Kevin Bacon, Business Owner Fast Fencing of North Norfolk
Kevin Bacon, Business Owner

“Since we started working with Andrew Denny Consulting almost a year ago, sales effectiveness has increased drastically. We have seen more new business sales and our existing customers are loving the work we are doing with them. Andrew is really helping to take my already established sales team to the next level.

This is all thanks to Andrew’s enthusiastic, engaging and caring nature. I am so very grateful to the opportunity to work with him and hope to do so long into the future!”

Simon Mitchell, Managing Director Hranipex UK Ltd.
Simon Mitchell, Managing Director

“Andrew has an extraordinary talent of being able to push you to think at a strategic level and then give you tips and tricks that translate those strategic goals into actions at an operational level. Every time I have met Andrew I have come away with clear actions which have always had a positive result.

Andrew’s coaching on commercial and negotatiation skills has made me much more comfortable with those conversations, which I previously dreaded and really impacted on my confidence at networking events.

Andrew also pushed me hard to think about my value proposition and how I can best put this across. My business would not have existed today without Andrew’s coaching!”

Martine Twigge, HR & People Consultant PX Success Ltd.
Martine Twigge, HR & People Consultant

“Andrew Denny Consulting delivered customer service training to my team. It was very enjoyable, interactive and fun for the team!”

Michelle Mussett, Restaurant Manager Norwich Theatre Royal
Michelle Mussett, Restaurant Manager

“Collier Turf Care have been working with Andrew Denny Consulting since the end of 2018. As a business we have an added value ethos and this has been complemented by Andrew who from day one has impressed with his knowledge of sales, communication, positivity, direction and coaching of our sales people. We are seeing some positive results and look forward to a continuing working relationship.”

Craig Brisley, Sales Director Collier Turf Care Ltd.
Craig Brisley, Sales Director
“We have developed a great partnership with Andrew Denny and his dedication to our business is evident across all our teams.. We appreciate Andrew’s approach in helping to bring out the best in our people in terms of their knowledge, skills and confidence.  Andrew Denny Consulting will continue to be our chosen sales and sales management training provider in the future.”
Mary Brooks, Chief Operating Officer Social Network Solutions
Mary Brooks, Chief Operating Officer

“Andrew worked with a member of our team responsible for sales. Through some training and coaching interventions he was able to help her to change her sales techniques and behaviours to become much more effective in closing sales. She had always been effective at getting time with potential clients, even cold calling. Andrew helped in the final stage of process to actually ask for and come away with an order more frequently. I would be very happy to work with Andrew in the future.”

Nick Schiller, Director The Excelsior Trust
Nick Schiller, Director

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